Purestrike Dead Aim Pro Putting Mat




Purestrike Pro Putting mat will knock strokes off your game. Ten minutes a day practice will help you putt like the best putters in the world.

Practise your Putting in a more efficient and consistent way.

Use the smaller Practise holes on the “Dead Aim” Putting mat for high quality practise that makes the real golf course feel easier.

Our carefully designed smaller target holes encourage the golfer to take “Dead Aim” at the hole. Harvey Penick was a Golf Teacher from Austin Texas and taught golf for 83 years! Revered by not only his pupils but his peers he was honoured in 1989 by the PGA of America as Teacher of the Year.
His favourite and most frequent piece of advice that he gave to golfers.
“Take dead aim”.
Using our 7 cm smaller target holes the golfer learns to aim perfectly. These are situated along the mat for practise at different length putts. When the golfer gets out onto the the golf course the regulation size holes will feel much bigger and easier.
This system, on tour speed green, promotes confidence and a careful aim. This in turn leads to better practise and improved putting. A regulation size hole is included at the end of the mat for standard size hole practise.
Ball strike area:
Coloured White, Yellow and Orange rhythm lines are included where the golfer strikes the ball. These lines encourage a rhythmical back swing on the Putting stroke. All the golfer has to do is swing the club head back to the appropriate colour line for the correct length of Putt. At the same time the golfer can feel & practise that the club head is meeting the ball “Square to target” ensuring a straight putt. Square at impact leads to a correctly aimed Putt. RESULT – More holed Putts!

Perimeter alignment lines:
Light blue perimeter markers ensure this system is perfect for left hand a right hand golfers. These markers are designed to give a reference point for feet placement. If set up and feet placement can become a matter of memory & repetition then a correct stance will result. This will aid consistency of strike & better ball striking.
Matt Size is 250 cm x 45 cm and arrives in a roll ready to go. Any Putter or ball on image is not included in Purchase price.



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