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The Purestrike Putter Standard Shaft

Custom design your Purestrike Putter!


1. Choose your Putter Grip.

Choose from Phil Gazeleys 2 Thumb Grips. These come in a variety of Weights and Colours.

We also recommend the Karma Grip which is available in a variety of Colours.

The V-RAD Putter grip is widely chosen by Golf professionals and is available in All Red and Red/Black Colours.

Feeltec are another Golf Putting Grip available on the Purestrike Putter.

2. Choose your Putter Head Type.

  • You can select a Standard Stainless Steel Head.
  • We also offer a Putter Head with added Aluminium weights of 30 grams.
  • This is also available with added Stainless Steel weights of 40 grams.
  • And for the most discerning Golfer we have the option of having your Purestrike Putter
  • coated in 24 Carat Gold plating!


3. Choose your Ideal Shaft Length.

We are available to advise you on the ideal length of Shaft for you particular height.
Choose from 32" inches to 36" inches Shaft length.

4. Choose whether you need Right hand or Left Handed Putter.

Thats it! You have successfully made your very own Customised Purestrike Putter!

Customise YOUR Purestrike putter now!
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