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Purestrike on the Seniors Tour qualifying

Purestrike was heavily represented on the Seniors Tour qualifying once again. The "Soft Feel, Postive Roll" works equally well for Golf Professionals and Amateurs alike.

The All New Purestrike Wedge

The new Purestrike wedges are finally out! After months of testing & trials please either try them at our events in Rockcliffe (Darlington), Belfast or Bluewater. Or please buy a set online.

Sign-up to our 2019 Golf Day!
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Golf Day 2019

In 2019 Purestrike will be having a Golf Day. Entry is open to anyone who has a Purestrike Putter or wedge.

It will include 18 holes of golf , played off three quarters handicap , meal and prizes. It will cost very much less than normal for a course and meal of nice quality.

We very much hope to see our old friends and customers there. Please enter your email address and mobile phone number and we'll keep you updated.

The All New Purestrike Putter

The Purestrike Putter is now available with a variety of grips including the 2 Thumb Grip in various colours and also the Golf Pride V-RAD. The 2 Thumb Grip is available in variants of Original, Light and the Shorty.
Hundreds of Purestrike Putters have been sold at the (Scottish) Edinburgh Golf SHow where the putter was a great crowd puller.

Independent Testing

Independent testing carried out by Bio Engineers using a 500 frame a second high speed camera and a puttin robot prove the roll of the Purestrike putter. Purestrike was compared with other premium putters for skid and roll. The results show Purestrike generates roll as soon as the ball is struck. In our opinion 98% of golfers will improve their performance using a Purestrike Putter.


Testimony of the putter's accuracy comes from RIchard Bowyer a 16 handicapper at Harpenden Common Golf Club:
"The first time I tried a Purestrike Putter with a 2 Thumb grip I holed 7 out ot 10 putts from 10 feet and the 3 that missed were on the lip of the hole! This result for me is unbelieveable, I have never done that in 10 years I have played."

Jimmy Johnston 13 handicapper Hertfordshire
"I had 3 birdies in the first 3 holes and 6 single putts in 9 holes, I finished at 1 under par. Purestrike is the best putterI have ever had and I've tried most of them. I just can't wait to get on the green."

Mark Sibley - PGA Professional - Effective Golf Practoce Centre - Luton, England
"I took a Purestrike Putter to a pro-am at Letchworth Golf Club and single putted the first 6 greens. I am convinced this putter will help golfers improve their game."

Hover over the Putter Image. Click and drag your mouse left to right to inspect the design of the Purestrike Putter Design.  
  • Notice the following Design Points;

    Centre Shaft promoting a large sweet spot and reducing the risk of off-centre strikes

    Face Balancing reduces Twist or Head Rotation

  • Heavy Weighted Head (473grams)

  • Forward Press for better Roll


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